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Yes. However, if we suspect that an account has been deleted and recreated in an effort to “game” or remove negative reviews against your account, we may cancel your account or restrict your access to the site.

We’re doing our level best to make sure that every account on is a real human being and a dedicated member of the horsing community. As such our default position is that all reviews are valid and we will not handle disputes between riders and owners. We expect that our users should behave with the utmost respect and professionalism towards other members. If you feel that you’ve received a false and disparaging review, you can submit it to us for internal review at
If we discover that users are excessively posting false reviews – or claims of false reviews – we will terminate offending accounts without notice. In short: post honest reviews and treat each other respectfully.

Canceling your account is as easy as editing your profile. If you have any trouble you can send a simple email to, and we’ll take care of the rest. If you have an unused account credit, your refund will be issued within 5 business days.

Every time you refer a new user, be it a rider or an owner, you’ll gain a $1 credit to use at You apply this to a free month of service, or apply your credits towards an account upgrade like Featured placement. By continuing to help grow, your account and upgrades could be free forever!

We will do our best to guarantee that all users will enjoy our service and be pleased with their involvement in growing the network. Because our fees are so low to begin with, we cannot provide refunds for past months that you have paid for. However, our goal is to ensure that everyone loves continuing to work with us. You can cancel your account at any time, and we will refund your current month of service, even if you’ve used 29 out of 30 days worth of access. Annual accounts that are canceled will receive a refund of your unused/charged months based on the standard monthly rate.

In order to have a profile as a Catch-Rider, a username and password in addition to a nominal membership fee is required. This fee is used to maintain the rider’s profile and the website itself. A profile will require an email address, contact information, riding and show history, and a video of the rider in their perspective discipline. If the Catch-Rider is a minor (under 18), consent and contact information for the parent is also required.

As long as you have an active membership on your account will remain active and you may cancel your account at any time. memberships are for 12 months. For your convenience, we will automatically renew your membership for an additional 12 months prior to expiration. was built by a rider for riders and our goal is to provide a premium resource and platform for our members, not just a glorified advertising directory. Other services which are “free” are bought and paid for by advertising, which you’re essentially paying for every time you view their ads.
The basic annual rider account for costs just $25.00 for a 12-month membership. This fee can easily be made up in just one catch-ride and amounts to just about $2 per month. The fee is used to maintain the website and more importantly the rider’s profile and two video downloads in a discipline. There is an additional fee for more than two videos. Our goal over the first 12 months is to enhance our members’ experiences here and implement changes that are recommended by our users. We will work hard to keep all of these costs as low as possible, thereby keeping our member fees low as well.

As a new start-up we’re trying to grow and expand the network as quickly as possible. One of the ways we’re doing that is by connecting businesses within the horsing industry with each other and with our members. Our ultimate goal is for CR to be the go-to hub of horsing information and resources for catch riders and horse owners everywhere.

Facebook is an integrated part of our overall platform of exposure for our members. While Facebook can allow you to build and maintain connections within your personal and professional network, at we develop extensive advertising and targeting campaigns, to make sure that the maximum possible exposure is attained within the massive Facebook network. Your reach is much larger, and the value proposition to a prospect is much stronger. Once you’ve made a connection through CR, you’ll obviously be able to nurture that connection through Facebook. We’re here to make sure that you continue to get new connections, through Facebook and several other channels.

Many excellent riders face a tremendous financial strain that is placed upon them when competing on their own horse or a leased horse. Let’s face it, showing is an expensive sport. Eventually, they find themselves unable to continue to compete or unable to attain their full riding capability due to these financial strains. eliminates the need to have your “own” horse but gives a dedicated, good rider an opportunity to be selected to ride and show a horse on a voluntary or paid basis within the show industry. Riders that have exited the “show scene” due to time constraints, family obligations and the financial aspect can now have another opportunity to “re-enter” the show world. In addition, allows owners, trainers, coaches and potential horse employers to see your profile, riding/show resume and a video in your perspective discipline(s) to make an educated decision for any needs they may have within the equine industry.

Owners and/or trainers in the horse industry are in a very competitive world. Their purpose is to breed, own, and/or train horses and prove that they have and are the “best” in the industry within their discipline. Finding a Catch-Rider that suits their needs and can show the horse to its utmost ability is the key to successful rides and shows that will ultimately “prove” their horses and their training. Owners of horses that have quit showing due to “life events” but have kept their horse(s) can also benefit in finding an exercise rider or a rider to continue showing their horse(s).
Owners, trainers, coaches, lessors and potential employers will now have the ability to “view” a rider’s profile, riding/show resume and a video in that riders discipline(s) to make an informed decision in regards to riding, showing, or horse related employment. Trainers or owners looking for a rider for a professional clinic can also benefit from An email address, user name and password are required to sign up as an owner/trainer that is looking for a Catch-Rider. There is also a minimal fee for owners/trainers to browse and contact potential Catch-Riders. This fee is mainly to protect the Catch-Riders themselves and the integrity of

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