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Creating an account with Catch-Rider.com is easy. Simply click Create/Add Listing, and complete the account information form. You can include as much or as little detail as you’d like but we recommend creating a complete profile as you’re more likely to be contacted for catch rides if they can see your full history and contact information. You can also upload photos and video.

You can choose between an annual rider account (if you are a rider looking for catch-rides), or an owner/trainer account (if you are looking for riders). Purchasing your preferred package is easy, and checkout is secure and encrypted.

We’ll automatically send a link to set a secure account password to the email address you enter on your profile.

We review each listing prior to publishing.

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2. Get More Interest In Your Profile

You can share links to your Catch-Rider.com profile on sites like Facebook and Craigslist.

You can also enhance your exposure and earn coupons for free months of service by telling more people about Catch-Rider.com. Every valid Rider account that signs up between now and January 1st is automatically enrolled in our “Early Adopters” launch. Within your account dashboard, you’ll find your Referral URL and a new sign-up code for each month between now and the end of the promotion. Each new account you refer to us earns you one free month of service… and they get a month free as well! There’s no limit to the number of riders you can refer or the number of free months you can earn!

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