Owners and/or trainers in the horse industry are in a very competitive world. Their purpose is to breed, own, and/or train horses and prove that they have and are the “best” in the industry within their discipline. Finding a Catch-Rider that suits their needs and can show the horse to its utmost ability is the key to successful rides and shows that will ultimately “prove” their horses and their training. Owners of horses that have quit showing due to “life events” but have kept their horse(s) can also benefit in finding an exercise rider or a rider to continue showing their horse(s).
Owners, trainers, coaches, lessors and potential employers will now have the ability to “view” a rider’s profile, riding/show resume and a video in that riders discipline(s) to make an informed decision in regards to riding, showing, or horse related employment. Trainers or owners looking for a rider for a professional clinic can also benefit from Catch-Rider.com. An email address, user name and password are required to sign up as an owner/trainer that is looking for a Catch-Rider. There is also a minimal fee for owners/trainers to browse and contact potential Catch-Riders. This fee is mainly to protect the Catch-Riders themselves and the integrity of Catch-Rider.com.

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